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Collagen Formula/W

Catanzaro Supplements Collagen Formula

Nutrition Facts

per serving:

  • Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen: 2500 mg
  • Fish Collagen: 2500 mg
  • Chicken Collagen Type II: 500 mg

Suggested Use: Take one serving two times daily or as directed.

Price: $65

Catanzaro Supplements Collagen Formula is a combination of three types of collagen for a comprehensive, well-rounded, multi-pronged support of skin and joint health:

  1. Bovine collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the cartilage, bones and hides of cows that provides types I and III collagen, the major components of skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels.
  2. Chicken collagen is derived from the sternums of chickens and is indicated for joint health.
  3. Hydrolyzed fish collagen (HFC) is produced from the skins of wild, deep-sea ocean fish such as cod, haddock and pollock. It is indicated for skin health.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

Bovine Collagen (Hydrolyzed)

Bovine collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the cartilage, bones and hides of cows.
These cows are grass-fed.
It is also known as bovine cartilage or beef collagen.
This form of collagen is type I and III, which are the main types of collagen in the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. It is a powerful source of protein due to its unique amino acid profile, specifically glycine, proline and lysine.
These amino acids are required by the body to primarily support skin health but also connective tissue repair, bone and joint health.
There are many clinical trials using hydrolyzed collagen for the treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia as well as enhancing the appearance of skin.

Chicken Collagen

This collagen type II is derived from chicken sternum, and naturally contains chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and hyaluronic acid, which are very beneficial in rebuilding cartilage.
Chicken collagen, also known as chicken type II collagen or chicken cartilage, is the protein found in the hyaline cartilage, bones and other tissues of a chicken.
Chicken collagen is the most popular collagen product used in medicine.
Collagen II has been shown to reduce articular cartilage destruction.
Chicken collagen is used to treat joint pain such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis as well as back pain, neck pain and pain following injury.
Chondroitin helps keep cartilage healthy by absorbing fluid (mainly water) into the connective tissue.
It also provides the building blocks for the body to produce new cartilage and may also block enzymes that break down cartilage.
Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in joint fluid, lubricates joints.
It’s full of amino acids like arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline.

Fish Collagen (Hydrolyzed)

Hydrolyzed fish collagen (HFC) is manufactured from collagen, the principal protein found in all animal skin and bones. While animal collagen is typically extracted from cattle or pig skin, this fish collagen is produced from the skins of wild, deep-sea ocean fish such as cod, haddock and pollock.
Unlike farm-raised fish and other animals, wild-caught fish have no possibility of being exposed to antibiotics or hormones. Only the skins of kosher fish are used, so the HFC is able to meet the strict kosher standards of the Orthodox Union.
This collagen is easy to digest, gluten free, hypo allergenic, contains no additives, preservatives or sulfites, and contains no cholesterol sugar or fat.
It’s used to reduce wrinkles, create firmer, smoother more radiant skin, strengthen hair and nails, increase bone density, reduce pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis, and support joint health.

For best results, take one serving first thing in the morning and another serving before going to bed on an empty stomach.