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There is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. Every individual has their own unique nutritional requirements. A high-carbohydrate diet, such as Canada’s Food Guide or the ADA Food Pyramid, may only be appropriate for 25% of the population. Most people require a different approach! Below are three sample diets that are ideal for different body shapes.

Apple: Bodyfat is distributed above the waist
Pear: Body fat is distributed below the waist
Banana: Body fat is evenly distributed

Lean and Mean is the latest industry-leading fitness guide for both men and women. Using case studies from his own experiences as a personal trainer, fitness expert John Paul Catanzaro gives the inside scoop on the exact strategies, techniques, and programming he uses to get his clients incredible results. Whether you’re looking to put on muscle, or finally lose that extra 20lbs of belly fat, Lean and Mean will put you on the fast-track to success!

Price: $9.97

In Body Composition Strategies, you’ll learn many of the trade secrets that experts use to get their personal training clients lean in a short period of time. The webinar covers diet, supplementation and training protocols for both men and women. Several case studies are examined. Over 40 minutes of streaming video, a 38-page slide presentation and several bonus files are included.

Price: $20.00

Feature Articles

  • With an overabundance of food readily available, we seem to have things backward today. Instead of greater energy and vitality, more and more people complain about feeling lethargic. Instead of more muscle, we tend to have less muscle and more body fat. Instead of better health and wellness, the rate of chronic disease keeps climbing. Nutrition plays a key role in reversing these trends, and it all starts with a proper breakfast…

    The Leftover-Dinner Breakfast
    John Paul Catanzaro
  • If you’ve read my book Lean and Mean, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of leftover dinner for breakfast and lunch. You make enough at night to carry you through two more meals the following day. It’s a convenient way to prepare your meals and stay on track. There’ll be the odd time, however, when there’s not enough food for the following day. What do you do then?

    Healthy Meals in a Pinch
    John Paul Catanzaro
  • A typical second or third daily feeding for me involves a hearty salad. Talk about nutritious, this “beast” of a meal has a nice mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates, covers all colors of the nutrient rainbow, satisfies hunger, and tastes great! As far as I’m concerned, a salad a day will keep the doctor away, but the ingredients must be right. Let’s take a look at what you need to make a healthy salad…

    The Beast of a Salad
    John Paul Catanzaro
  • Some experts consider cereal as modern-day candy, others say yogurt, and yet others claim fruit is like candy. Canada’s Food Guide says otherwise! In fact, those foods top the list, yet the rate of obesity and chronic disease continue to climb in this nation. Perhaps these foods are contributing to the trend?

    Modern-Day Candy
    John Paul Catanzaro