Post-Workout Formula

Catanzaro Supplements Post-Workout FormulaCatanzaro Supplements Post-Workout Formula is one of the most complete powder formulas to use after your workouts. Each serving delivers enough protein, carbohydrates and creatine monohydrate to help increase energy levels and decrease recovery time. Glucosamine Sulfate and MSM are added to help protect the joints. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cinnamon are included to help promote healthy blood sugar levels. Tribulus Terrestris, Deer Antler, and Tongkat Ali are present to restore testosterone levels, while Rhodiola Rosea is used to control elevated cortisol levels and help protect the nervous system from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

  Per 2 scoops (65g) serving:          
  Calories 210cals   Branch Chain Amino Acid Complex:    
  Calories from Fat 15cals       Isoleucine (Whey Protein) 1356mg  
  Total Fat 2g       Leucine (Whey Protein) 2250mg  
      Saturated Fat 1g       Valine (Whey Protein) 1245mg  
      Trans Fat 0g   Essential Amino Acid Complex:    
  Cholesterol 47mg       Arginine (Whey Protein) 643mg  
  Sodium 93mg       Histidine (Whey Protein) 394mg  
  Total Carbohydrate 28g       Lysine (Whey Protein) 1879mg  
      Dietary Fiber 0g       Methionine (Whey Protein) 546mg  
      Sugars 3g       Phenylalanine (Whey Protein) 743mg  
  Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 25mg       Threonine (Whey Protein) 1508mg  
  Magnesium (Aspartate) 6.5mg       Tryptophan (Whey Protein) 503mg  
  Zinc (Methionine) 3.25mg   Additional Amino Acid Complex:    
  Protein 23g       Alanine (Whey Protein) 1094mg  
  Creatine Monohydrate 5000mg       Aspartic Acid (Whey Protein) 2296mg  
  L-Glutamine 2500mg       Cystine (Whey Protein) 634mg  
  Cinnamon (Herb Powder) 1000mg       Glutamic Acid (Whey Protein) 4118mg  
  Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg       Glycine (L-Glycine HCL) 394mg  
  MSM (Methylsulfonoylmethane) 500mg       Proline (Whey Protein) 1290mg  
  Tribulus Terrestris (45% Extract) 200mg       Serine (Whey Protein) 1094mg  
  Deer Antler 100mg       Tyrosine (Whey Protein) 657mg  
  Tongkat Ali (Powder) 200mg   Essential Fatty Acid Complex:    
  Rhodiola Rosea (Extract) 50mg       Alpha-Linoleic Acid (Omega-3) (Flaxseed) 250mg  
  Alpha Lipoic Acid 25mg       Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) (Flaxseed) 62mg  
  Octacosanol 500mcg       Oleic Acid (Omega-9) (Flaxseed) 70mg  
            Other Fatty Acids & Phytonutrients (Flaxseed) 36mg  
  Other Ingredients: Instantized whey concentrate, maltodextrin, lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, and sucralose.
  Allergen Warning: This product contains milk (whey), soy (lecithin), and may contain shellfish derivatives (glucosamine).
  Suggested Use: Take 1 serving daily with water or as directed. Best if taken immediately after training.